13 Top food high in vitamin C

Vitamin C is corrosive that breaks down in the water and is available in various food varieties and soil items.

It can go about as serious areas of strength for support in the body and is fundamental for different actual cycles, like the development of neural connections, collagen, safe system capacity, and others. Getting sufficient Vitamin C corrosive might bring down your gamble of creating normal illnesses like cardiovascular sickness.

Vitamin C corrosive is additionally important for the improvement of collagen, connective tissue, bones, teeth, and small veins.

Vitamin C corrosive’s proceeding with day-to-day esteem (DV) is 75mg for ladies and 90mg for guys.

Extended vulnerability to sicknesses, draining gums, irregular enlarging and diseases, deficient injury recuperation, sickliness, and scurvy are a couple of the adverse consequences of inadequacies.

Rose hips

Rose hips best source of vitamin c

A rose hip is a minuscule, astringent, and sweet normal happening substance that develops on rose plants. It contains a lot of Vitamin c corrosive.

Rose hips give 426 mg of Vitamin C corrosive, or 473% of the DV, in only 100 grams.

Vitamin C corrosive is significant for the amalgamation of collagen, and as you progress in years, strong skin decency increments.

Sharp Peppers

Vitamin c corrosive is available in green stew peppers in measures of 109 mg, or 121% of the DV. One red stew pepper, in any case, gives 65 mg, or 72% of the DV.

Additionally, there is proof that recommends consuming hot red stew peppers might lessen mortality.

To completely see the value in the advantages of stew peppers for prosperity, more exploration is expected.

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The natural tropical item with pink tissue is a local of Mexico and South America.

125 mg, or 138% of the DV, of Vitamin c corrosive, might be tracked down in one guava. It is stacked with lycopene, a cell sponsor.

Consuming 400 grams of unadulterated guava day to day, or around seven pieces, fundamentally diminished individuals’ circulatory strain and all-out cholesterol levels, as indicated by a 6-week investigation of 45 sound, youngsters.

Two tablespoons of new parsley (8 grams) regularly give 10 mg of Vitamin c corrosive or 11% of the day-to-day esteem.

Vitamin C is corrosive, and vitamin K and cell fortifications are plentiful in parsley.

Devouring food sources high in Vitamin C corrosive might decrease your gamble of creating dangerous development.

As per a new report, expanding Vitamin C corrosive admission by 100 mg each day decreased the gamble of illness by 7%.

Additionally, it has been exhibited that rising Vitamin C corrosive admission by 150 mg each day can decrease the gamble of creating prostate illness by up to 5% in accomplice studies and by 21% in control studies.

The leaves of dandelions

Vitamin C corrosive is available in mustard spinach in measures of 195 mg for every cup, or 217% of the day-to-day esteem.

Even though bubbling decreases how much Vitamin C is corrosive in food sources, one cup of cooked mustard greens contains 117 mg of Vitamin C corrosive or 130% of the DV.

Mustard spinach is plentiful in vitamin A, potassium, calcium, manganese, fiber, and folate, similar to another dull plate of mixed greens.


Vitamin c corrosive is available in medium kiwis in measures of 56 mg, or 62% of the DV.

As indicated by studies, kiwis can restrain blood platelets, which might assist with lessening the gamble of blood clumps and strokes.

Kiwi natural product utilization may likewise be exceptionally valuable for the safe framework.

In a review with 14 guys who were Vitamin c corrosive lacking, a 20% expansion in white platelet action was seen after requiring two kiwis every day for some time. In half a month, the blood’s degree of Vitamin c corrosive had expanded by 275% and gotten back to business as usual.


Crucifer is a class of vegetables that incorporates broccoli. 51 milligrams, or 57% of the everyday necessity, of Vitamin c corrosive, are available in a half cup of cooked broccoli.

Numerous observational examinations have recommended an expected connection between routinely ingesting cruciferous vegetables high in Vitamin c corrosive and a lower chance of creating harmful development.

As indicated by one review, overweight grown-ups who routinely ingested 30 grams of broccoli had lower levels of C-responsive protein.

Belgian spuds

Cooked Brussels sprouts give 49 milligrams of Vitamin C corrosive, or 54% of the everyday suggested consumption.

Brussels sprouts are plentiful in fiber, vitamin K, folate, vitamin A, manganese, and potassium, very much like most cruciferous vegetables.

Both vitamin K and Vitamin c acid are fundamental for sound bones. Vitamin C corrosive explicitly supports collagen creation, the wiry part of your bones.

A huge 2018 review found a connection between consuming a great deal of Vitamin C corrosive in your eating regimen and a 26% lower chance of hip breaks and a 33% lower hazard of osteoporosis.


During the 1700s, sailors were taken care of lemons as a scurvy counteraction technique. How much Vitamin C is corrosive in one entire, new lemon is 45 milligrams, or around half of the everyday suggested remittance?

The capacity of lemon juice to forestall the searing of other verdant food sources proves that the Vitamin c corrosive it contains likewise works as a phone supporter.

The dirt’s results are cleaved up so oxygen can come to the polyphenol oxidase impetus. The food becomes brown because of oxidation. Adding lemon juice to uncovered surfaces makes a hindrance that closes the contact between oxygen and the surface.

Lemon juice has additionally been shown to diminish pulse and the impact of bread’s capacity to raise glucose.


One lychee has 7 mg, or 7.5% of the everyday worth (DV), of Vitamin c corrosive, though one cup contains 151% of the DV.

Gallic destructive, rutin, epicatechin, caffeic destructive, chlorogenic destructive, kaempferol, quercetin, luteolin, and apigenin are among the polyphenols tracked down in lychees.


How much Vitamin C corrosive in one cup (145 grams) of papaya are 88 milligrams, or 98% of the everyday suggested stipend?

Vitamin C corrosive firmly influences the frontal cortex and helps in memory advancement.

In one review, a concentrated papaya powder was given to 20 individuals with center-stage Alzheimer’s sickness for a drawn-out timeframe. The outcomes uncovered a 40% decrease in exacerbation and oxidative tension.


One cup of strawberry cuts has a Vitamin C corrosive substance of 97 mg or 108% of the everyday suggested sum.

The solid cell fortifications that strawberries incorporate are Vitamin c corrosive, manganese, flavonoids, folate, and different minerals.

As indicated by studies, strawberries’ high enhancement and well-being advancing plant part creation might assist with bringing down the gamble of fostering different sicknesses.


92% of the everyday suggested measure of Vitamin C corrosive, or 83 mg, is viewed as in a medium orange.

The utilization of oranges is boundless and fundamentally affects the assimilation of dietary Vitamin C corrosive.

You can likewise consume extra natural citrus things to assist you with getting the Vitamin C corrosive you want. For example, while the juice from one lime gives 13 mg, or 14% of the DV, a piece of pink grapefruit yields 46 mg or 51% of the DV.

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