16 Healthy Types of Chips to Eat in 2023

Chips are the perfect food item to eat if you are in search of a perfect crunch. Firstly chips were considered to be eaten by kids only. But this is a completely wrong assumption. Because now almost every restaurant has different types of chips in the top category of starters on the menu card. In the article, we talked about Healthy Types of Chips to Eat for weight loss.

I can bet that you would have licked your fingers after dipping your fingers into multiple packets of lays. You must have found the best among them according to your taste buds. But then came Pringles, Doritos, and other potato chips. All the new chips have confused people about what exactly the chips were.  Now these yummy creatures are made of wired ingredients instead of salt and potato. Also, their shape differs a lot accordingly to the taste. They are so weird that you might get confused about whether to call it food or else.

Making it more surprising, the world of chips has become an aircraft world. Where each company shows its talent through shapes and colors. You’ve got your Cheeto chips, your dianomunchies chips, and many more. Some of them have the ability to help in weight loss as well.

But d you know which of the chips is best for you? Can you name any of the chips into which you dipped your fingers into the right packet of chips?

There are most chips accordingly ranked to their taste and calorie count. This form is specifically for those two chips which nearly look identical.

16 Healthy Types of Chips to Eat in 2023

Original oven-baked potato lays:

Coming to the top-ranked category of chips, original oven-baked lays have less sugar. Moreover, they contain low amounts of sugar and have simple ingredients as compared to other chips. Also, they contain fewer calories. Furthermore, these chips are baked not fried, therefore it has 65% low in fats.

Tostitos oven-baked scoops:

One of the popular chip inlays is Tostitos lays. 50 % low fats are found in the baked ones compared with their fried counterparts without affecting flavors.

Potato chips, pop chips:

Pop chips is a unique and different method of heating chips in a pressurized chamber. It gives a trademark shape to cellular chips. They can promote weight loss because they are coated with oleic oils which helps in promoting weight loss. Also, a study proved that this particular type of chip could improve the memory of a person.


Ruffles too contain low fats as it is baked in the oven and is not fried. Still, ruffles have a few questionable ingredients such as the ingredient that makes the food tasty and stops stimulating the brain that you have eaten enough. But we won’t stop you from grabbing the packet of ruffles because it has relatively low calories.

Barbeque potato, pop chips:

There is a reason behind the high ranking of barbeque potatoes. They are fake-free flavors with low calories. Next time grab a packet of it if you carve for barbeque pop chips. And wash your stomach with a glass of fresh water if it makes you feel thirsty.

Terra chips, blues:

These are covered up with more antioxidants than the yellow one in it. These chips contain 3 to 5 ingredients varying low in sodium. But I must mention they are loaded with fats.

Multigrain sun chips, spicy and sweet BBQ:

People prefer sun chips because they are 100% wholegrain chips. They contain full or half wholegrain serving including whole wheat, whole corn, and oat flour. Also, whole grains are rich in fiber nutrients namely germ, bran, and endosperm. This nutrient count makes them more appetizing.

Tortilla chips (multigrain)

These chips are on the top of finger counts because they contain some special ingredients such as flax seeds and quinoa. Moreover, they have a low amount of saturated fat compared to many other varieties. But I must mention my thrill after seeing the amount of sugar in it. They contain drilled added sugar which causes weight gain.

Sea-salted ruffles:

I am pleased to mention that these salted ruffles do not contain any sugar. Still, they cannot be ranked higher due to the presence of high amounts of fats and sodium.

Multigrain sun chips, French onion:

This version of chips contains half more grams of saturated fat. That’s the main reason behind its low ranking. But one less gram of sugar and calorie is also there providing it a plus point. Stick to the serving if it is your favorite one.

Garden Salsa, multigrain sun chips:

Garden salsa is a type of cheesy nacho. It also has tomato power and jalapeno spices, making it more crunchy and delicious.

Tostitos, tortilla chips:

A way to make original tortilla chips is the triangle shape of Tostitos. Firstly this shape of chips was rejected. Therefore the owner decided to send it in bags, individually. Today they are the most in chips in all shops and for a dip in restaurants. However, Tostitos might be the most popular brand for tortillas. But looking at the amount of fat and sodium, other brands are also preferred.

Olive oil potato chips:

Talking about heart-healthy far, these chips are rich in that. But they do not contain any fat and are low in sodium. Additionally, they are made with three simple ingredients

  • Potato
  • Olive
  • Oil salt.

Sesame blues, corn tortilla chips:

These chips have the complexity of textures and flavors. Basically, these corn chips are made from sea salt, sunflower oil, blue orns, and some sesame seeds. They have a small amount of protein and fiber accordingly with low sodium.

Red kurkure:

Red kurkure are finger chips mostly liked in the eastern areas of the world. They are super loaded with spices, especially masala spice. They contain high sodium and fats as well.

Super crisp:

Super crisp is potato chips having different types of chips. They have a spice-loaded flavor as well as the saltish one. However, the spicy one is preffered but the saltish one contains low fat and spice but is a bit high in sodium.

These were some types of chips as introduced in the above articles. Still, I must say that the original potato chips cannot be ignored or compared with any other type of that.

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