Ezekiel bread

A bread known as Ezekiel sounds interesting. Yes, the well-known and popular bread around the globe which is full of nutrients, and fibers and much healthier than our normal bread. It is the favorite bread of most of people because of its taste, healthiness, texture, and most importantly nonpreservative nature. It cares about your gut and is easy to digest and get absorbed in your blood. We are here to discuss about the question we have How to store the Ezekiel bread? But first of all, we should know how it is formed.


Ezekiel bread is a type of sprouting. It is made up of legums and whole-grain with no added sugar, sprouting changes the composition of its ingredients. It is healthier and stomach-friendly as compared to other breeds.

The following ingredients make up the Ezekiel bread your major dining table goals:

  • Organic Sprouted Barley,
  • Organic Sprouted Wheat,
  • Organic Sprouted Millet,
  • Organic Malted Barley,
  • Organic Sprouted Lentils,
  • Organic Sprouted
  • Soybeans,
  • Organic Sprouted Spelt,
  • Yeast, Organic Wheat Gluten,
  • Fresh Water,
  • Salt.

Now come to the main topic which we are focusing on is how to store Ezekiel bread. Let’s figure it out.

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If you are a bread lover and especially want to buy Ezekiel bread whenever it comes around you then you must be very careful and should have knowledge about its shelf life. 

Storage of Ezekiel bread tells you how long you are able to eat it in a healthier way. 

You can store and use the Ezekiel bread up to: 

  • 5 Days at room temperature
  • 2 weeks in the fridge
  • A year in the freezer

This is a shorter lifespan than your home-friendly bread which you are used to eat mostly because it contains a large amount of nutrients with zero preservatives.


In a good environment with normal temperature and proper hygiene, you must also take care that the bread should remain in a cool, dry place. Moisture causes the bacteria and other microbes to come and live in so that must be prohibited. You can use your Ezekiel bread within a maximum of 2 weeks. Take a bread box or a clean plastic Jar and store your bread loaves in it away from sunlight as it makes them dull, never mind! 


Keeping your favorite and delicious bread in a sealed bag or container is necessary because of the bacteria and fungi in the atmosphere. Take your Ezekiel bread and keep it in a sealed bag, a bread box that should be free of air, or a wrap in which it comes in the market. Whenever you crave it mind it only grab the amount of bread you are going to eat and seal the bag tightly again. It keeps the bread dry don’t allow bacterial colonies to reside.  


As we are living in this luxurious era we have a lot of facilities around us which make our lives easier. The fridge provides us an option to store our favorite food items for days and weeks and months. Unfortunately, there are some cons related to it. Commonly speaking, it’s not a good idea to refrigerate bread because your loaf will lose its freshness, taste, and texture. It hasn’t gone stale, as such, but its starches have changed texture and it is not like a new fresh bread. If you bake it the starches become jelly-like in the oven, giving it a gummy feel but it restores its softness as it cools in the environment.

In your fridge, there is another change. The starches retrograde which means they are going to absorb moisture from your bread and become a stiffer structure. The end result is drier, chewier bread. Heating the bread in the oven and then cooling it restores this stage.

Preference of toasted bread made it easier for you. Toasting your bread makes it fresh and tastes well you can live the taste and your taste buds can enjoy the flavor and wholesomeness of Ezekiel bread. On the other hand, you can microwave the bread for a few seconds or wrap it in foil and reheat it for a few minutes in an oven or toaster oven.

 You can store the Ezekiel bread in your fridge for about a month.


Too much bread to eat? You are not going to eat it within some weeks it is okay you can extend the shelf life of Ezekiel bread by freezing it for about a year. Take a bag and place the bread with squeezing all the air out. Freezing causes the bread to become dry and hard, you must microwave it or toast it to ensure its soft and juicy taste. It is better to eat the bread within a few days of being brought by the bakery but if due to some reason you need to store it then it should be frozen all the time if you are planning to store it for a large number of 365 days. 


Ezekiel bread is very popular in the ongoing world. Sprouted grains are more digestible and easy to get absorbed, and more available for use by your body. Sprouted bread, also called Ezekiel, is a great vegan and low-carb option at your dining table. Bread is quite unpredictable they are caught red-handed with molds and fungi very next day in your kitchen so needs to be stored in the fridge or kept frozen for some time. Ezekiel bread carries no preservatives and healthy baking item with a very good taste that’s why it is the choice of people and comes in the top list of items of their daily life foods. The answer to the question of How to store Ezekiel bread is we already got, easy to store item with much care but better to eat just after being baked and brought from the shop. Hope it helps you to figure out the storage of Ezekiel bread. Have a nice day!

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